looking single girls of lonely women from Ukraine, Russia or belarus?


Ukrainian (as well as Russian) women in the United States still are referred to as "mail order brides."
Particular outrage the Ukrainian girls caused for emancipated American women, who, seeing the once lonely neighbor with a Ukrainian beautiful wife, pull the rubber smile and joke: "Now I am going to the internet to look for a boyfriend."
Managers of dating and online agencies claim that 80% of all Russian-American marriages are results of good work of the Internet dating agencies.
American psychologists explain why men, from the United States, prefer to seek their wives, "from overseas." "Ukrainian women are less demanding, less emancipated and more economic than the American. Psychologists believe that such marriages are mutually beneficial, in which everyone gets what he wants: a man gets a wife, housekeeper and mistress from Ukraine, a woman - the documents and the right to live in the U.S." .
Nowadays not everyone likes Ukrainian girls. Many American and European men accuse them of excessive mercantilism, money lust, vulgarity, and availability. A bad reputation the Ukrainian girls won in the early nineties, when, many dishonest woman, tried to escape abroad at any price. The real Ukrainian Women still suffers from such image.

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It sound strange but even today, for the Ukrainian woman's concept of love and family still have a great value.
And do not believe those who say, "Ukrainian girls are coming to America in full confidence - they are the queens in this country. Emigrants from Eastern Europe believe that they are the most beautiful in the world. America should fall to their beautiful feet and without the slightest effort from them. "This is another myth.
Men from the United States, who decided to marry a foreigner, must possess a certain level of wealth, since the preparation of documents he needs to confirm the ability to have a family. "
U.S. Immigration Service requires that an annual income of Americans who wants to create an international family, at least must be two times higher than the financial minimum of the state where does he live.
However, despite of the big financial costs, the image of the Ukrainian woman – with blond hair and blue eyes - continues to attract men in the U.S.