As any woman I can be different. It's very difficult to me to describe myself. Even when my friends make me compliments you never know is it true or just flattery.I respect all people around me and I always try to support my friends and my family.I like to make them happy. I have a good family. I love my small daughter very much. They say I'm very sociable girl; it's easy to talk to me. I like to know new people and everything new too. There is a saying:"To get to know a person you should eat pood of salt with this person."
Zhanna from Melitopol

You see, I believe that I could find the sincere man, who will become interested in me and can consider and estimate my deep inner world… But, I didn’t meet this man yet. But, I really hope there is one man on this planet who is really waiting for me only and we will meet with each other very soon, so, let’s see and if you are interested in me and continue our communication, and really hope to hear from your side soon;) Take care,
Julia from Kramatorsk

I have noticed your profile and I became very much interested in it. You seems to me very interesting man and I want to know more about you! If you think that I am the girl you are looking for them I will be waiting for you I am open to all your questions. Waiting for your answer,
Alisa from kerch

Men and women always mostly competed with each other in art full in love in themselves and to break hearts. And for happiness and love it is necessary to see only in the partner of an opposite sex of the friend, the brother, the native person which shouldn't be won and with which it is simply good to be a together. Аnd I am hope find such man
I will be very glad if you see my profile and write me a letter
Best regards, Kathya from Berdyansk

I am lonely. You are lonely too? If yes, we can start to communicate. I will begin the first. To me 30 y.o. I want to find from capital letter-Man. I want to be the true companion of his life. I want to give birth to children. If we converge in our interests it is possible to begin our dialogue.
With best regards.
Lena from Uzhgorod

My name is Vera! I usually beautiful young woman. I have an interesting job, doing sports, many things in life happens - and all is good, but there is one that is called the "but" - there is no man! I'm looking for is not simply a man, a real man for marriage and family formation, with a decent sexual charisma, mate. I am sociable, independent normal woman, with their principles and views on life. Energetic, enjoys photography, music, fashion, love the house - comfort for me the core values. Vera from Alchevsk

I am on this site just signed up! I really want to find someone who will be for me the meaning of life and we will be able to exist as a single unit! If you're too boring and you're looking for the same thing that I do leave me your email so that I could contact you! It is waiting to write me!! Best wishes,
Natalta from Kharkov

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