Ochakov is a city in Mykolaiv region, administrative center of Ochakov district. Ochakov was founded in 1415 by Crimean khan Mengli Giray. The population of Ochakov is 17 001 inhabitants. The city is located on the Black Sea coast, near the mouth of the Dnieper. Ochakov City has its own unique history. Within the city there are several museums such as the Military-Historical Museum of Suvorov, Museum of Schmidt, Museum marins painting of Sudkovskiy. Ochakov is a famous resort in Ukraine. Here in the quiet town, where a lot of greens, you can relax in the Black Sea coast. The combination of iodized sea air and fragrance of the steppe grass, create a unique environment for recreation and health of the human body. In Ochakov there is a lot of new comfortable guest houses, private hotels, resorts, which were built on the coast. Also in Ochakov you can use the services of marriage agencies to help lonely people to find their life partners. If you would like to meet a beautiful girl from Ochakov - Welcome to Ochakov dating agencies

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