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My name is Svetlana, I am from Ukraine
I am a doctor, and I work in the medical centre.. This website seems to me like an ideal place to start. So I am still hoping that I will be proven correct. :) It is really difficult to describe myself as I do not know what interest you most. So please feel free to ask me questions and I would be glad to respond.
I am optimistic and I am open, intelligent, love to discuss different topics, and always ready to impact others around me in a positive way. I will end here because since we haven’t met I am supposing you have an interest in the things I wrote. :)
If you don’t believe we have anything in common to begin a great friendship, I bid you many successes in your search and may you be filled with joy as you meet that man who will be your life long partner.
br> Elena from Kherson I will be waiting for your reply!:)

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