Ukrainian Women and girls : dangers of encountering fraud and scam

Any man who is looking for a bride on dating sites knows about the dangers of encountering fraud. These fraudsters are on the internet, posing as brides who want to get married, but actually just want to steal your money and then disappear.
Unfortunately, the Internet Dating is the most vulnerable, since we are talking about a relationship of trust that should be in men and women who want to connect their lives with each other.
Can you avoid fraud? Yes you can! If you know a few rules and follow them consistently:
- What would be romantic and beautiful letter you received from the girls - you know the likelihood that it may be scammers. You aren't guaranteed that you are speaking with the girl in the pretty picture.
- If just after a couple letters to a Ukrainian girl, she starts to write you about her financial difficulties, for example, she has severely ill parents or any relatives or anyone of them require emergency surgery, which costs money, and she asks for help from you, it's most likely a hoax.
- Ask her in detail about her life, family, work, and hobbies. Go back to these topics within your correspondence and keep her answers to match with what she had previously wrote and check that they are consistent, not confused, not superficial and not abstract.

- Ask a girl if she had a digital camera or a camera and if she can regularly send new pictures? If not, ask her to buy it because you care to know her better, and that you want to get a lot of pictures with her, with her family, friends, and learn about her life through them, admire the beauty of her cities, landmarks and the like.
- Delicately explain to your fiance that you want to be sure that she's who she claims to be, as in our time there are too many scams. If it is really the one for which she claims to be, then she will understand and not be offended. If she takes offense, then that is reason to suspect her of dishonesty.
- So, you've found a Ukrainian woman who agrees to send you new photos regularly, which is perfect! Ask her to take photos in different situations and with different people, to ask in detail about what is depicted in the photo. This will help you not only ensure the integrity of the girls, but also get to know each other.
-Ask a girl to install a web cam and chat so you can see each other. It is one hundred percent the best way to find out who is actually communicating with you.

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