Ukrainian Women and girls : letters and emails

Typically, the first letters to each other or do not commit the interlocutors, as you just start to know each other and still do not understand each other.
In order to give them a better idea it is very important to pay particular attention to the photos. Ukrainian girls are very fond of looking at photos and a lot of attention to detail. Treat her so it's FUN!
Take a few of the shots in different conditions: at home, at work, on the street, in shops, on vacation, in your backyard, with friends, family, their animals (if any). Capture your passions, hobbies, interests, and so on. And to each of your letter enclose one or two pictures with a detailed description of what is pictured in the photographs.

- First, the photos, it's an opportunity to show yourself as you are in life.
- Second, the photos give a lot of ideas for letters and occasions for discussion.
- Third, the photos, are an opportunity to become closer to each other and at ease in communication.

Be bold, interesting and fun to talk to. For example, the descriptions of photos can be added: "I think you would enjoy here," And this place is set up as if for you "," "In this environment, you would look like a goddess," and so on. But do not write anything that can not be properly understood.
Do not be afraid to use Imagination!

Ask your companion with photography, print the one you like best and put it in a frame on your desk. Every day, you'll see her face, and represent what will be stored as your relationship. Looking at the photo, your head will come new thoughts and ideas about your relationship, safely share with YOU darling. Every Ukrainian woman appreciates the frankness and will moved by, as you already at this early stage, started thinking about of building relationships.
An important stage in the development of relations between people, who are far from each other, is communication by telephone. When you realized that you like speaking to other, it means that the time is now the most opportune to take the next step using the telephone or web cam and special programs through the Internet where you can not only hear each other, but to see other .
Communication by telephone or via web cam and the Internet brings you live communication and gives you more information about each other. Talking thus, you become closer to each other, and virtual communication, which could not be fully realized as serious, is now is real.
Your companion can be anything in your imagination when sitting at a computer screen reading and typing text messages. Just through their letters can you create your image, either intentionally or unintentionally, which may differ from reality.
That is why this stage that requires calls and chats cannot be omitted or ignored. During the communication you may change your opinion to the worst or the better, and it may confirm the accuracy of your expectations. In any case, this stage of communication is essential not only for you but for your lady, because she, just like you, wants to know you better in order to be fully confident in their choice.
Communicate by telephone or web cam for many is a daunting task, because for the first time, people often feel embarrassed and ashamed, of what they do not know, and don't have something to talk about or don't know what to ask. But, as in communicating through letters and phone calls it's best to be prepared, and think of the theme of your conversation. Write down in your notebook things you want to ask, to discuss and talk about yourself. This eliminates the awkward pauses that may occur.
During a phone call is important to be able to listen and not interrupt. Ask clarifying questions about her when you say something. Comment on even the fact that you are not very interesting, since it is the manifestation of attention and respect that is so necessary for any woman.
Be patient and polite, talk only in a good mood, you can even smile and then your mood will be felt at a distance! If you know how to joke, then this character trait will be appreciated by Ukrainian girl, as the Ukrainian nature is to be very happy.

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