Ukrainian Women and girls : introduction and start communication

So, you're ready to start communicating with prospective brides and you put your profile on an online dating site then first began to receive letters.
Where to start? Do I have to answer everything? What to write in the first letters? First, determine exactly what criteria your potential bride must meet, what you want from women, and what you deserve. Your decision should be clear and precise, as precise as possible and detailed. The image of your chosen one should always be with you, otherwise you risk to make a mistake in his choice.
Second, take carefully review of your personal data for ukrainian girls and if you see that person clearly does not meet your selection criteria and requirements then make a decision to refuse further acquaintance.
Third, be sure to notify those who does not suit your decision, because not responding to the letter is not polite. In a soft delicate form tell the girl that, for example, you are very flattered by her attention, but you are not interested. Or that you're already corresponding with someone else. Thank her and wish good luck.

Fourth, determine who you are interested in and see if there is a chance that someone among them would be precisely the most beloved and only then continue the correspondence.
Is it possible to correspond with a few girls from Ukraine?
Of course, the first stage of dating can be in correspondence with many potential brides as you have every right to choose. It will not be not fair to him, since at the beginning of dating you don't have to oblige anyone, you're just getting to know each other. Especially since the Ukrainian girls you are writing also have corresponded not only with you.
It may be that you will receive many letters, and you will not have time to answer them. If a problem suddenly arises, it makes sense to make a LETTER TEMPLATE, which would help you to quickly respond to the first letter.
In this template, please complete information about yourself. Pay attention not only on your appearance and what you do, but such as your inner world, tastes, hobbies and dreams. The more open and original you write about yourself, the more likely you will find the girl of your dreams.
Also in this letter, you need to write a few questions for your beloved, that you particularly care about. For example, if you are religious, then ask about the religion and its relation to your companion
Of course, always using the letter-templates does not work, so will need to limit the range of your companions. Focus on getting to chat only with people who you really interested in, and with those of whom do not need to "pull out the words" who are open, sincere, and initiative.
If you have not met with among those who wrote you a Ukrainian girl close to you in spirit then do not despair, just keep searching and you MUST meet her! Believe it!

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